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Welcome to the ReduceMyHeartAttackRisk website. I am here to help you.

Hugh Miller’s Story

I’m a Baby Boomer project manager currently working in the industrial automation and controls industry. Like many other Boomers, I’ve been working for over 35 years as an engineer, and mostly as a project manager.

I grew up in Jacksonville, FL and played sports of all kinds including baseball, basketball, and soccer. We didn’t have computers, laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, or the internet back then, so as a kid, life was all about playing organized sports, playing neighborhood pick-up games, or studying for school the old-fashioned way – with a textbook. We engaged in many other physical activities including swimming, skim boarding, skating, kickball, stickball, and bike riding. I attended public, Christian, and college prep schools in Jacksonville, FL and after my family moved to central Florida at age 16, I graduated from Lyman High School in Longwood, FL. I finished high school in the top 10% and was accepted to Clemson, Georgia Tech, and Auburn University to pursue an engineering degree.

I chose to attend Auburn University and I was a student/co-op for a little over 4 years including 5 football seasons! War Eagle! I earned a bachelor of mechanical engineering degree there and later on I earned a master of science in engineering management degree from the University of South Florida in the evenings while working at my first job out of school with Honeywell. I’ve always enjoyed engineering design and managing projects of all types, including charity fundraisers as a fraternity brother at Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity as well as local missions projects at my church.

My work life has included working for many Fortune 500 companies including Honeywell, Baker Hughes, Cameron, Foster Wheeler and other smaller private technical firms. As a design and development engineer, I contributed to new developments on the Space Shuttle and Space Station projects, and after a short stint in manufacturing, I moved to Houston to start my project management career in the oil & gas industry. I’ve always been involved in automation & controls or project management of those projects. I’m detail oriented, disciplined, and responsible.

Why I Want to Help You

I want to help people because, like you, I have been blood-tested at the doctor’s office for high cholesterol but I don’t want to take statins or any other cholesterol-lowering medications for the rest of my life. Through my own research and testing for results, I have shown that I can reduce my risk, and yours, with nutrition, supplements, and exercise before plaque builds up and a blockage occurs.

The Goal of This Site

The primary purpose of the site is to inform you as a healthcare consumer regarding the truth about high cholesterol and other root causes of heart disease. Another purpose is to share with you links to alternative methods and products to reduce your risks of having a heart attack or developing heart disease.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Hugh Miller


Hugh Miller

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